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        Pre Sales Service

        Pre Sales

        Free warehousing and logistics consulting services
        Free factory surveying and mapping service
        Free project planning, including technical drawing, scheme comparison and analysis

        On Sale Service

        On Sale

        Optimize the project scheme to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent
        Provide insurance services for product quality, goods transportation and installation
        With a complete project schedule, customers can monitor the completion of the project at any time

        After-sale Service

        After Sale

        Provide life-long maintenance service and provide five-year free warranty under correct operating procedures (excluding staff's operation errors and accidental shelf loss)
        Regular return visit, routine inspection at least twice a year, make return visit records, timely communicate return visit problems with customers, and ensure the safety of customers' life and property
        In response to the problem, Haote promises to solve the feedback problem within 8 hours, and if necessary, visit the site within 24 hours to provide solutions