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        Installation Works

        Directly under the engineering team, professional security

        • directly under
          Employment system

          All employees implement the employment system, the company is registered and managed uniformly, and the service quality is more guaranteed

        • construction

          After years of training in large-scale engineering construction projects, a set of perfect construction specification system has been accumulated

        • train

          In order to ensure technical, we conduct technical training and assessment for employees every quarter

        Advantages of installation engineering

        • 01

          Own installation team, flexible mobilization

        • 02

          The personnel of the installation team have complete certificates, including climbing certificate, welder certificate, electrician certificate, forklift certificate, etc

        • 03

          Double insurance: in addition to paying normal insurance for employees and installation personnel, the company purchases commercial insurance for project personnel separately

        • 04

          The installation team is specialized. Before each installation operation, a meeting and training shall be held to ensure installation safety and efficiency